Dana-water (Dana-Water)

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The only company in Moscow that provides an Exclusive service is recruitment, testing in the laboratory at the SES and home delivery of genuine living water from the best spring in the Moscow Region.

Our water has excellent taste, it tastes better than any other water sold in Moscow, regardless of price and country of origin. Our water is also biologically active by nature, energizing and healthy. Drinks made with our water are many times tastier.

What makes our water different from any other:

We do not filter, do not disinfect, do not kill or poison our water with chemicals and do not even use any mechanisms in order not to destroy the natural structure of water.

We carefully hand water from the best spring in the Moscow region, check each set in the laboratory accredited to the SES to be 100% sure that the water is clean and safe and deliver fresh water to the customer for two or three days.

As a result, we have:

Preservation of all natural qualities of water, Presence of beneficial microorganisms, Natural saturation with beneficial trace elements, High concentration of oxygen, Water remains alive and nourishes the person with vital energy.

Water has a limited shelf life, because truly Live!

Such water drank our ancestors!

The tearful properties of our water: Strengthens the immune system, nourishes with vital energy, is easily absorbed at the intercellular level, relieves fatigue, improves performance, improves mood, normalizes sleep and the nervous system, relieves edema, removes salt deposits from the body, improves metabolism, makes skin elastic and


10% - for the delivery of Dana-Water Spring Water
Dana-water (Dana-Water)

Dana-water (Dana-Water)

Fresh spring water delivery! <br />
Living Water from the cleanest source of the Moscow region! <br />
Let's deliver in original form living force from nature!

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