ૐ Sunchild's Forest Shop ૐ

Moscow, delivery throughout Russia


We make living incense from herbs.

The forest is our endless source of inspiration!

Virtually all herbs and ingredients for incense are collected by us by hand with great love and gratitude to Mother Earth. And some, unique to our places, components come from different countries, sometimes completely unexpectedly and pleasantly pleasing. For example, such as eucalyptus from Abkhazia, Georgian thyme, lavender from Montenegro, Himalayan cedar powder, which I was lucky to collect right in the forest))), sandalwood powder that I bought in Rishikesh and Tibetan grass powder ... a very long time) and besides it is constantly replenished ... Our gratitude to friends who bring weed from all over the world!


20% - living incense
ૐ Sunchild's Forest Shop ૐ

ૐ Sunchild's Forest Shop ૐ

Living incense from herbs. Handwork. Natural herbal teas.

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