Eco Market Baobab (Эко маркет Баобаб)

St. Petersburg, Reshetnikova, 3


Natural products, healthy food products, balsams, Ivan-tea, vegetarian products, natural cosmetics, eco-friendly products for the home, cereals, flour, cereals, urbechi and pastes, honey, vitamins, oil, organic cosmetics, carob, cocoa, ayurveda.

We are located at: St. Petersburg, st.

Reshetnikova, d.3, lit.

A (1 minute walk from the metro station Electrosila) Opening hours: weekdays from 09.

00 to 21.00, day off


10% - for the entire range
Eco Market Baobab (Эко маркет Баобаб)

Eco Market Baobab (Эко маркет Баобаб)

Eco market of healthy food, Indian cosmetics, ayurveda.

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