LLC "Lakshmi Moscow" (ООО "Лакшми Москва")

Moscow, Rogozhsky Val, 5s7


"Lakshmi" - this is a deli of a REAL healthy food with a WIDE range of tasty and healthy products!

✔ Vegetarian food

✔ Vegan food

✔ Food for children

✔ Products for raw foodists

✔ Nutrition

✔ Lean foods

✔ Products for diabetics

✔ Unleavened bread

✔ Soy products ✔ Fresh Milk ✔ Healthy sweets ✔ Weight Loss Products ✔ Gluten free products ✔ Phyto-pharmacy ✔ Yoga, fitness food ✔ Ayurvedic products ✔ Safe household chemicals ✔ Natural cosmetics ✔ Products for diet D


LLC "Lakshmi Moscow" (ООО "Лакшми Москва")

LLC "Lakshmi Moscow" (ООО "Лакшми Москва")

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