Naturalism (Naturalistика)

Chelyabinsk, Chicherina, 38 V


Naturalism - shop of natural eco-products, nut paste (peanut paste, almond paste, cashew, coconut, nuts in natural honey), barista coffee, crystal deodorants, natural cosmetics (Microlysis, Nonicare), professional cosmetics on algae of the Barents Sea SPA- Alganika and other useful products.

Eco products - products from natural organic materials.

All of our cosmetics, household non-chemicals, nut paste are made from natural materials.

You can view and order our entire range at https: // naturalistika74 online store.

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Naturalism (Naturalistика)

Naturalism (Naturalistика)

Naturalist (Naturalistic) - store of natural nut paste (including nuts in honey), Crystal deodorants, natural cosmetics, barista coffee and other useful products. Buy in Chelyabinsk <br />
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