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Brand Bi Wai Cosmetics - 100% natural cosmetics from Indonesia (Bali).

Our cosmetics are 100% natural, environmentally friendly herbal ingredients of the highest quality. More than a hundred items from the heart of nature itself for your youth and health.

We do not fill the space in jars and tubes with cheap and useless components. You do not overpay for "dummies", adding weight to the product, but not good.

We work without cheating: any synthetic, harmful and even neutral compounds are excluded from our products. Everything that we use in production is reflected on the labels and on our website.

The proven recipe for beauty and youthfulness of your skin is “healthy food” from by-cosmetics and facial gymnastics. Therefore, we say no!

"cosmetic injections.

We do not test cosmetics on animals and do not use animal products. The earth is our common home, and in our own home there is no place for violence and cruelty in favor of the "beauty industry."

We care about the health of our planet: all production wastes are bio-degradable organics, and the packaging material is cosmetic aluminum, which is fully recyclable.

Our factory has all the necessary licenses and permits. We work for export, p




by-cosmetics (Bi Wai Cosmetics) is a new brand of 100% natural cosmetics that is made in Indonesia. <br />
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The company's motto is “Fresh food for your skin!”. In the production of all products, only the best and, accordingly, the highest quality natural ingredients (more than 100 items) are used, collected in various ecologically clean parts of the world: live seaweed, fresh aloe juice, essential oils of ginger, magnolia, vanilla, cinnamon, rosemary, natural extracts, jojoba, coconut and cocoa oils, and many, many other natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. The main difference of by-cosmetics is that synthetic, harmful, and even neutral compounds are excluded from the composition of all manufactured cosmetics.

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