LLC "Salt of Life" (ООО "Соль Жизни")

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We offer you the unique product development that meets the highest European standards in the class Organic and Premium - these are special functional food products. 1. Phytomineral salt substitute (6 compositions) - "Salt of Life".

In the “Salt of Life” there are no artificial flavor enhancers, flavors, colors or anti-caking agents, without GMOs and preservatives.

The basis of the salt substitute is a rational ratio of salts of sodium, potassium, magnesium and phytocomposition (more than 30 plants) rich in essential micro and macro elements in physiologically reasonable amounts. Phytomineral salt substitute allows to reduce the salt load on the body, is a good compromise in the appointment of a salt-free diet, is useful in atherosclerosis, diabetes, osteochondrosis, is a natural alternative to regular salt.

2. Vegetable broths with extra virgin olive oil Organic and Premium as a finished product and herbal phytoboulos.

Vegetable phytobulan - have a fine line between food and medicine, thus embodying the practical revival of the idea of ​​the ancient doctor that medicine should be like food, and food should be medicine. Fitobulones have a preventive focus, help eliminate food deficiencies.

3. Spices for health (4 compositions) "Special - Active" - ​​food co-authored with nature. It has long been proven that spices and seasonings are designed not only to improve the quality of food, but also to improve well-being. "Spec-Active" is a combination of extremely high-quality raw materials and the original catalyst with chitosan, which increases not only the healing power of plants, but also the "authority" of spices. "Spets-Aktiv" is a natural enterosorbent that helps burn fat, normalize blood pressure, cleanse the body, reduce glucose absorption and normalize lipid metabolism.

4. Sprouting seeds with the help of "Vitasid" Home Healthy Food Factory. The use of germinated seeds has been proven over thousands of years and confirmed by modern research. Living sprouts are a key to health. Once in our body, sprouted plant seeds exhibit biological activity, giving away all the most valuable and useful, starting with the energy of growth. Regular consumption of seedlings of seeds "Organic" or "Premium" improves digestion, metabolism and blood composition, strengthens the immune system, replenishes the body with vitamins and minerals, normalizes acid-base balance, removes toxins and slags, restores and maintains microflora bowel, stimulates sexual activity and prolongs youth.

A variety of specially created seeds for germination (more than 40 types of vegetable and cereal crops) will create a rich palette of dishes in your kitchen and prolong activity and youth for at least 20 years. Homemade seedling production is an economically viable occupation, since the weight of seeds can be increased by 8–15 times, depending on which crops are grown.

Our products are addressed to all people seeking a healthy lifestyle and thinking about their health.



LLC "Salt of Life" (ООО "Соль Жизни")

LLC "Salt of Life" (ООО "Соль Жизни")

Salt of Life Company has been developing and producing Healthy Functional Nutrition since 2000. <br />
We combine development, medicine, research and technology of the XXI century. <br />
The main goal of the company is to replace reflex food with conscious. <br />

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