Furniture workshop PLY (Мебельная мастерская PLY)

Moscow, Derbenevskaya, 20


One of the basic human needs is the pursuit of harmony. We may not notice this, but it is vital for us that it surround us in all usual situations. Furniture PLY is a living embodiment of the harmony of lines, shapes and proportions. Do not add or subtract anything - as the best examples of ancient architecture, only in modern style

PLY is the serial furniture of its own collection (tables, dressers, sofas, cabinets, lamps), as well as the manufacture of exclusive items to order. PLY is 100% Russian production with a workshop and warehouse in the center of Moscow.


Furniture workshop PLY (Мебельная мастерская PLY)

Furniture workshop PLY (Мебельная мастерская PLY)

Designer furniture made of natural wood - minimalism and perfection. PLY - style has a form.

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