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Recently, a healthy lifestyle has become increasingly popular with people. However, in order to maintain your health, it is not enough just to go to the gym, and also to quit smoking and alcohol. To maintain a healthy lifestyle is also important to comply with proper nutrition. FoodEco provides all its customers with an excellent opportunity to buy organic food at attractive prices.

As soon as a person decides to abandon harmful foods, the question immediately arises: "What to eat?

". Of course, to preserve health, you have to give up a whole list of products. But this does not mean that you can not eat properly and balanced. In order to observe the principles of healthy nutrition, the body must have a balance of all the necessary trace elements - proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, the accepted food should not only satisfy hunger, but also benefit the whole body. This means that food must be rich in useful vitamins and microelements.

In our assortment, any buyer will be able to find innovative foods, such as instant pea puree and oat bran concentrate. Today, we are the only producer of oat bran with beta-glucan in the Russian Federation.

FoodEco is always open for cooperation with wholesale customers and regional distributors of grocery products and environmentally friendly innovative products. The minimum order amount is 5 000 rubles.

We provide convenient ways to pay for the purchase - in cash, using cashless payment. In the near future we plan to realize the possibility of paying for purchases by transfer to a bank card.

At the choice of the buyer, delivery of grocery products is carried out by courier, postal transfer or transport company. We provide the opportunity to order our products from every corner of the Russian Federation, as well as neighboring countries. If suddenly you received a poor-quality or damaged product, we are always ready to replace it with a new one.


FoodEco (ФудЭко)

FoodEco (ФудЭко)

Production and wholesale of healthy food and superfoods.

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