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The concept of production of the company "Cryochocolate" is based on the idea of ​​satisfying the need when you want sweets, but you can't. As a result, chocolate was developed, which can be used even on dietary and medical protocols, is suitable for vegans and does not contain lactose. You no longer need to think about what the composition hides, you do not need to waste time looking for the perfect dessert without harm to health. Cryochocolate is 100% chocolate, containing more than half of the cocoa products in its composition.




The Cryochocolate company is a young brand on the healthy lifestyle market, which is engaged in the production of chocolate using innovative technologies that make it possible to give the bars not only the taste of a native product, but to make all the useful properties of the product bioavailable!<br />
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In each tile, we use a cryogenic product obtained from vegetables, berries, fruits or cereals using cryogenic technology, that is, using deep freezing at one or more stages of the production process. This is an environmentally friendly and safe way to prepare a product for use in chocolate, which not only gives color and taste, but also provides the highest degree of concentration of biologically active substances, as a result of which chocolate becomes “alive”, that is, it contains active vitamins and minerals, obtained from native products.<br />

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