Altai Organic (Алтай Органик)

Gorno-Altaisk, Gorno-Altaisk


Altai Organic is a young friendly team of professionals. We are located in the very heart of Altai - a small (by metropolitan standards) town of Gorno-Altaysk.

Altai is rightfully considered one of the cleanest and most pristine places on the planet.

We were born and raised in these wonderful lands. We inherited from our ancestors their love for nature, as well as centuries-old knowledge of the healing gifts of the Siberian taiga and Altai mountains.

We use only natural ingredients in the manufacture of our products.

Our herbalists have been familiar with the assortment of medicinal herbs since childhood, as their parents took them with them to collect. Having matured, now they themselves carefully collect raw materials in the cleanest and most remote places.

Quality control of raw materials at the acceptance stage is carried out by our laboratory assistants. Both the absence of harmful impurities and the concentration of nutrients are assessed, so herbalists are interested in observing the optimal timing of the collection of raw materials. Using only high quality raw materials, we guarantee the quality of the finished product.

A qualified technologist recreates the recipes of the centuries-old experience of traditional healers, selects components that enhance each other's properties. We are categorical and do not use chemical additives in the manufacture of our products.

The uniqueness of the gifts of Altai nature is carefully invested in each product by the hardworking hands of our craftsmen.


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Altai Organic (Алтай Органик)

Altai Organic (Алтай Органик)

Altai Organic is an online store of natural cosmetics. Production: rep. Altai, Gorno-Altaysk. Warehouses: Gorno-Altaysk, Kemerovo, Moscow.

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