SnackStock (SnackStock (СнекСток))



Our company is engaged in the production of natural fruit chips (dried fruit). Our fruit chips are free of sugar, preservatives and other additives. Also, our distinguishing feature is the dehydration process, drying of all fruits takes place at low temperatures, which makes it possible to preserve up to 99% of vitamins.

SnackStock products are perfect for:

▫️Those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle and diet


▫️For a snack at school, university or work

▫️ For those who are allergic to store-bought sweets

▫️ Those who follow their figure

▫️For seekers of something new and useful

▫️As a great gift for any occasion


5% - for all products
SnackStock (SnackStock (СнекСток))

SnackStock (SnackStock (СнекСток))

Producer of natural and healthy snacks - fruit chips without sugar and preservatives.

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