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WHAMISA is a premium organic cosmetics brand that was born in Korea and created by nature. The brand is based on the concept of Clean Beauty and a multi-stage beauty ritual for facial skin care so popular in Korea.

WHAMISA experts have found a way to effectively use the gifts of nature in cosmetics - this is a proprietary fermentation process! The unique technology allows using up to 99% of organic raw materials from certified plantations in the composition of products, without using preservatives and harmful substances. As a result of a complex chemical process, the molecules of organic ingredients are broken down and reduced, thus increasing the concentration of beneficial substances and increasing the effect on the skin.

In the production of Whamisa cosmetics, an anhydrous base is used, obtained from organic plants - aloe vera juice, chrysanthemum, natural oils and medicinal plants.

The special philosophy of the company, embodied in the environmental safety of products and technologies, is confirmed by international certificates BDIH and EWG. With the renewal of the composition of most of the products, Whamisa completely abandoned the use of animal products (previously, some products contained


10% - for the entire range


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