Cheesed Butter TRAWA (Сыродавленное масло TRAWA)

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Cheesed Butter TRAWA (Сыродавленное масло TRAWA)

Cheesed Butter TRAWA (Сыродавленное масло TRAWA)

TRAWA brand of a special kind of butter - cheese. It is called cheese-crushed because it is made only from whole, raw, unroasted seeds and nuts. <br />
<br />
The ancient method of manual extraction in an oak barrel, without heating and contact with metal, allows you to save all the natural beneficial properties. <br />
<br />
The philosophy of TRAWA is a minimum of interference in what nature gives and maximum effort to preserve this gift. <br />
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The delicate taste and pleasant aroma of TRAWA oils will complement your favorite dishes, become a source of important acids and vitamins in your diet!

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