Barre One

Moscow, Maly Kislovsky, 7


Studios specialize in barre. These are intense workouts using ballet choreography that have already conquered America and Europe.

It is the cunning combination of sports and ballet that makes the muscles of the dancers so embossed.

The first qualified barre trainer in Russia was trained at the American school Barre Intensity, where the direction is very popular among girls. The methodologist, with the assistance of experts in the field of physical therapy, improved the American barre technique, making it even safer and more effective. So barre appeared in St. Petersburg, and then in Moscow!

In addition to barre classes, the studio features other ideal destinations for girls: stretching, yoga, ballet classes, pilates, 3d fitness and dance classes.


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Barre One

Barre One

Network of women's fitness studios specializing in barre workouts

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