Club "Sports Section" (Клуб "Спортивная секция")

Moscow, Bolshaya Bronnaya, 23, building 1


Cool workouts in the center of Moscow, developed under the supervision of a sports medicine doctor.

The "Sports Section" is a community of like-minded people who are primarily interested in health, healthy communication and the environment.

Most of the team has a medical background.

The club presents training in various areas: trx, functional, CORE, universal yoga, meditation, massage.

The club has a cozy homely atmosphere.

Trial training 500r

The administrator answers the phone from 9.00


5% - For a one-time group lesson
5% - for a subscription for 4 lessons
5% - for a massage
Club "Sports Section" (Клуб "Спортивная секция")

Club "Sports Section" (Клуб "Спортивная секция")

Sports rehab.<br />
TRX, yoga, functional training, Animal flow, "Bakery", "Strong legs", "Healthy back", massage, development of a personal training plan.<br />

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