Vegetarian cafe "Lada" (Вегетарианское кафе «Ладу» )

Tolyatti, Lenina, 125



Lada is one of the names of the Goddess of prosperity and love!

Cafe "Lada" is named after the signature dish. This is a popular oriental dish (dessert) for those who love oriental sweets. Such fragrant, melting in the mouth, sweet balls are prepared in India on holidays. There are different cooking options for fret.

Kitchen-cafe "Lada" - is an international vegetarian cuisine, which includes Indian, Thai, Mexican, Chinese and European. The menu is regularly updated with new dishes, the recipes of which our friends bring with all


Vegetarian cafe "Lada" (Вегетарианское кафе «Ладу» )

Vegetarian cafe "Lada" (Вегетарианское кафе «Ладу» )

Vegetarian cafe "Lada" - an island of healthy eating, interesting communication, bright flavors in the center of Togliatti.

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