glad ( Вегетарианское лаундж-кафе «RADA»)

Krasnoyarsk, Karatanova, 17



✔ Cafe Rada is the only fully vegetarian restaurant in the city of Krasnoyarsk — We are for


✔ We have abandoned the use of meat food - We are for HARMONY with this World.

✔ We do not sell alcohol and tobacco - We are for a healthy and sober LIFE

✔ We use only natural SPICES and do not use: artificial

food additives, margarine, yeast, trans fats, flavor enhancers, preservatives and others

harmful products –We for QUALITY. ✔ We develop and form in different areas, gain experience and promote the idea of ​​vegetarianism in the people - We are for DEVELOPMENT ✔ We have certain quality requirements for b


glad ( Вегетарианское лаундж-кафе «RADA»)

glad ( Вегетарианское лаундж-кафе «RADA»)

In the cafe "Rada" dishes are prepared from selected products according to traditional recipes in the original vegetarian version. <br />
Food cooked in a cafe is good for health, able to cheer up and has an unforgettable taste! <br />
It will be pleasant not only to material feelings, but also to your soul!

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