Cafe "Lumumba" (Кафе "Лумумба")

Sevastopol, Odessa, 19



We invite you to the unusual Lumumba cafe, the Peoples Friendship cafe. In our menu you will find vegetarian dishes of both Eastern and Western cuisine. We will offer you Indian paneer-malay and Ukrainian borsch, Japanese sushi and Italian pizza, American brownie and French napoleon ... The fantasy and skills of our chefs are inexhaustible! ) A team of like-minded people gathered in the cafe, who are interested in creating a new one, be it a new reading of a famous dish or a new cafe format. We are changing all the time - this week you will be offered a slightly different menu than last. ))

And Lumumba is not only a cafe, but also a space for communication. It is very nice to meet like-minded people and friends. And if a cup of tasty (and so forth


Cafe "Lumumba" (Кафе "Лумумба")

Cafe "Lumumba" (Кафе "Лумумба")

The only vegetarian cafe in Sevastopol. Located in the heart of the city. Large selection of vegetarian, vegan and raw food dishes, as well as its own pastry. Rich tea card with elite Chinese teas.

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