Jeffrey's coffee (Jeffrey's Coffee)

Moscow, Maroseyka m.Arbat. Starokonyushenny lane 45 Starokirochny Lane, 16/2 p. 1, 15



Jeffrey's Coffee surprisingly combines the format of anti-cafés and American-style coffee shops, where friendly barista, preparing another latte, are always happy to chat with new guests. Jeffrey's reminds many cafes from the TV series "Friends" for its fun and relaxed atmosphere. It's great to come here a whole company and discuss the latest news over a cup of cocoa with marshmallows or cappuccino with cinnamon.

Compared to conventional antikafe, the emphasis is on the quality of coffee, which is prepared on professional equipment, and the taste of the usual latte or cappuccino can always be varied with syrups or various additives. All this is included in the cost of payment for the time - a minute costs 2.5 rubles, an hour - 120 rubles.

There is also a cozy place with a fireplace, shelves and board games. In the game there is a mini-football and a pair of playstation for fans of video


Jeffrey's coffee (Jeffrey's Coffee)

Jeffrey's coffee (Jeffrey's Coffee)

A cozy time-coffee in the center of the capital, where you can while away the evening alone or with friends for a cup or two of fragrant freshly brewed coffee.

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