HOLI yoga & cafe (HOLI yoga&cafe)

Moscow, Malaya Ordynka, 19


HOLI is a place of strength for people close in spirit. the name is based on the word "holistic" - a holistic, holistic approach that applies to the entire studio space.

Each person chooses a tool for growth himself. At HOLI, these are various yoga and meditation classes, nutrition, education, communication with people.

We have refused to use products that can harm the body and the environment.

Responsible for the kitchen - Kirill Gubin. The chef studied at the Ragout School, the IFSE Culinary Institute of Gourmet Cuisine in Turin and the Plant Lab Academy in the USA, trained at Joia in Milan - the world's only vegetarian restaurant awarded with a Michelin star, was the chef of the KM20 cafe, and now he is healthy referral to Perelman People.

HOLI caf menu


2% - all menus
5% - desserts
HOLI yoga & cafe (HOLI yoga&cafe)

HOLI yoga & cafe (HOLI yoga&cafe)

Only plant based dishes from the chef Kirill Gubin (КМ20, FRESH, MOX, PERELMAN PEOPLE), where breakfasts are served all day and do not use animal products, gluten or sugar. There is also a yoga studio with one of the best teaching staff in Moscow. You can spend the day with benefit - go to the gong meditation, eat branded "coconut syrniki" and chat with people close in spirit. <br />

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