Indian restaurant "Dhaba" (Индийский ресторан «Дхаба»)

Moscow, Novolesnaya, 2


The word "dhaba" in India refers to roadside cafes for travelers where you can enjoy traditional homemade food. For some, this is, first of all, acquaintance with original tastes and spicy oriental flavors, and for others it is a welcome opportunity to have a meal on the way with freshly prepared hearty dishes.

Dhaba Restaurant has a rich selection of traditional Indian vegetarian dishes. And according to the established Moscow tradition, guests will be offered options for preparing dishes of varying severity.

In addition, Dhaba is a great place to hold various celebrations: weddings, corporate events, anniversaries. Comfortable modern space is decorated with wall paintings made by the talented young artist Iva in the style of "muralism". The restaurant has 2 VIP-halls for 10 and 9 people, equipped with plasma panels, a main hall for 36 people and a banquet hall for 42 people. There is also a free secure parking, which is very important for residents and guests of any metropolis.


10% - Vegetarian dishes
Indian restaurant "Dhaba" (Индийский ресторан «Дхаба»)

Indian restaurant "Dhaba" (Индийский ресторан «Дхаба»)

Democratic restaurant of Indian cuisine for connoisseurs of authentic taste, traditions and friendly atmosphere.

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