Novorossiysk, Kunikova, 38/40


Dishes from around the world in vegetarian-interpreted *.

We want to show that vegetarian cuisine is diverse, healthy, fun and very tasty.

We invite you to plunge into the wonderful world of 108 tastes! Delicious set meals, soups, salads, main dishes with side dishes, sandwiches, burritos, souvlaki, pizza, rolls, cakes and sweets are only natural and healthy ingredients in our dishes.

* vegetarian (eng.

- vegetarianism) - a nutrition system that provides for the consumption in food of products excluding ingredients resulting from the abuse of living creatures. That is, this is the diet of plant and dairy food with the rejection of meat food (including animals, birds, fish and their unborn offspring). Some options for a vegetarian diet may exclude dairy products.

Working hours: 11:00 - 19:00


5% - on all items of our menu


The first vegetarian cafe in Novorossiysk "108VKUSOV" VEGETARIAN HEALTHY FOOD <br />
☀️ menu vegetarian, vegan, raw <br />
☀️ lunches, pastries, sweets <br />
☀️ cafe, delivery, catering <br />
☀️ courses, games, concerts

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