Vegetarian cafe "SATVA" (Вегетарианское кафе "SATVA" )

Moscow, Kuusinena, 19a



We are pleased to offer you a freshly baked vegetarian cafe SATVA. Here are a few reasons why you should visit our cafe:

• In our cafe cooks with an experience of over 11 years

• When cooking, the highest Brahman standards of purity are observed, which greatly affects the quality of food.

• After you spend your time with us, not only your stomach will be pleased, but your heart will become much warmer.

• In our cafe we ​​prepare unique vegetarian pizza, including take-away.

• And in spite of all this - the prices are also vegetarian and do not bite at all, but they invite everyone to a friendly visit.

• Orders are accepted: banquet, wedding, birthday. • Individual orders are accepted: pizza, dishes from the range, drinks. • Delivery is working.

• Our telephone for communication: working


5% - For the entire range
Vegetarian cafe "SATVA" (Вегетарианское кафе "SATVA" )

Vegetarian cafe "SATVA" (Вегетарианское кафе "SATVA" )

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