Novosibirsk, Dobrolyubova, 2a


Bottva is a kitchen of living and healthy food. Only natural herbal ingredients without the use of margarine, yeast, eggs, preservatives and dyes.

Our products are designed for people leading a healthy lifestyle, correctly and consciously relevant to the issue of nutrition. And also for those who want to cleanse their bodies of "food debris" and use food as fuel for energy and vigor.

IN OUR ASSORTMENT: Set meals, traditionally consisting of a variety of salads, soups and main dishes; Delicious raw bread loaves, snacks, sauces, vegetable and fruit smoothies; Useful sweets: cakes, pastries, sweets. And a lot of it - WITHOUT baking!

Unleavened pastry on its own flour: bread, buns, biscuits


5% - for the whole menu


Cafe vegetarian, vegan and raw food cuisine.

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