762 places with discounts worldwide already!

More than 200 000 active card holders worlwide

Being a vegetarian, vegan or raw foodist is not only honorable and helpful, but also beneficial!


My card was lost

Lost cards are not restored. You can purchase a card from our distributors.


What to do if the card has stopped working?

Most likely she demagnetized. Exchange it at the cash desks of the Jagannath cafe network for free and send a new card number to us.


Where to buy a card?

The full and current list of partners-distributors of cards is here.


Selected partners

What it is ?

Website for holders of discount cards and partner companies of the program.
We provide cardholders with the opportunity to receive information about companies whose activities do not contradict the principles of vegetarianism, as well as the opportunity to use holders of discount cards for their services and services on the most favorable terms.

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