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"PRANAIA" is a place for comfortable practices, where you will achieve harmony and balance between body, soul and mind.

Our yoga studio is aimed at providing qualified knowledge about yoga and your health. Here you will practice under the guidance of competent teachers, in the traditional areas of yoga.

"Coming to yoga centers in search of philosophy, people often fall into sectarianism. Any condition can be explained with the help of physics: if a person calms down on yoga, then this is the action of the adrenal cortex. Nothing supernatural happens - this is all the body's work. Therefore, it is important to realize your own body.

"© Ekaterina Sapiro

At your disposal is a large, bright room for group lessons and a cozy little room for personal lessons. The halls are equipped with everything necessary for practice (mats, bricks, pillows, etc.).

Yoga studio "PRANAIA" is located in the city center. And we are happy to help you, in the bustle of the stone metropolis


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Studio of classical yoga "PRANAYA" - time for harmony and balance!

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