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In the heart of the city, between the two awake Arbat, is a secret place of power - the studio of harmony and beauty Be Yoga. The path to the harmony of body and soul begins here with slippers: in them you will follow the studio keeper into a cozy lounge-zone, where you will be offered herbal teas or special coffee prepared with spices on the sand. The interior of the Be Yoga studio contributes to relaxation: the sounds of footsteps muffle carpets and relaxing music, and the intimate atmosphere sets up a contemplative mood. So, drowning in a soft sofa and forgetting the bustle of the metropolis, everyone chooses their route to perfection.

Yoga, dance, ballet

In the studio Be Yoga there are two cozy halls - for yoga, Indian dance and body ballet. The nature of groups is chamber, no more than 8 people, the size of the composition is governed by the record. The studio has everything you need for classes: clean rugs, belts for stretching and other attributes of successful practice. Thanks to the staff teachers at Be Yoga, everyone finds their permanent teacher. In addition, master classes by famous yoga gurus take place in the studio: each guest is individually informed by the studio keepers. Like in any family, in beyoga they like to organize holidays for everyone: children master asanas, mothers do manicures, dads discuss matters and drink tea with cookies.

Massages, therapies, cosmetology

Movement is life, life is youth, and eternal youth is a healthy body. For the physical perfection of the guests at Be Yoga are the masters with medical education. For example, after a massage from the Chinese master Lee, the back gains strength, the body becomes flexible and light. Wraps, stone and aromatherapy are designed to reinforce the physical and aesthetic effect of the procedures.

Not all the guests of Be Yoga come to the studio for spiritual practices. Sometimes the radiant appearance of the studio guests is the result of the work of an experienced cosmetologist whose skill evokes awe and a desire to fold their hands in the holy gesture of Namaste. The wizard procedures are based on professional Korean cosmetics using LPG. Also in Be Yoga are available procedures for hair removal, eyebrow correction and manicure. If you achieve perfection, then all at once.

Be Yoga Studio is a place with a homely atmosphere, a responsive team of professionals.


Be Yoga

Be Yoga

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