Allen Carr Center in Russia (Центр Аллена Карра в России)

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Alexander Fomin, a smoker with 18 years of experience, organized the Russian representative office of the international network of Allen Carr's clinics and centers "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The first licensed specialist and chief consultant of the Allen Carr Center "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" in the territory of the Russian Federation. More than 10,000 of our compatriots helped quit smoking once and for all! He has more than 8 years of work experience, using a brilliant method that has helped millions of people around the world. Successfully prepared several therapists working on the method of Allen Carr. Took part in editing and sounding books in the Easy Way series of the Kind Book publishing house. Author of the book "How to quit smoking easily and forever. Popular myths and modern methods. "


Most people are convinced that they know almost everything about smoking. They know a lot, they smoke for a long time. And of course, most of them made attempts to quit smoking. And most likely, you are one of those people who, in their experience, were convinced that it is difficult to quit smoking and that it is easy to quit smoking.

This is what most people think, and we perfectly understand smokers. But whatever you think, there is a method that makes it easy to get rid of a cigarette, and this is Allen Carr's Easy Way.

There are many famous people among the people who left Allen Carr’s method: Ashton Kutcher, Ellen DeDenzheros, Anthony Hoppkins, Olga Shelest, Artemy Lebedev, Sergey Lukyanenko and many others.

Today, Allen Carr Centers operate in more than 50 countries around the world. The centers exist and work only for one reason - the method works great! FEATURES OF THE METHOD No horror stories and stories about how bad and bad it is - everybody knows it, and it does not help to quit smoking. Instead, we will show you why you smoke and eliminate these causes.

No hypnosis or NLP, and certainly no pills.

No willpower. Since your desire disappears, you will not need Willpower to fight the temptation, you just do not want to smoke. Eliminating the need and desire to smoke is the factor that makes the Carr system so effective. The percentage of success within 3 months is more than 90%. The uniqueness of the course "Easy way to quit smoking": - you quit smoking in one day - You do not need to refrain from smoking before the course - Immediately after the course you will feel the freedom - You will not be jealous of smokers - You do not need to refrain from coffee or alcohol - You can immediately enjoy life


Allen Carr Center in Russia (Центр Аллена Карра в России)

Allen Carr Center in Russia (Центр Аллена Карра в России)

"Easy Way to Stop Smoking." <br />
Full therapeutic course from the Allen Carr Center, Russia. <br />
Stop smoking with pleasure for 6 hours and enjoy life! <br />
The world famous method “Easy way to quit smoking” by Allen Carr, who has already helped thousands of Russians to get rid of addiction forever. Money back guarantee in case of failure. <br />

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