ECO LODGE, Settlement (ЭКО ЛОДЖ, Поселение )

Moscow, near Moscow, 1


The settlement was created specifically to concentrate and combine into a single whole (on a plot of more than 100 hectares) all the most useful eco-technologies, a modern approach to agriculture, a tourist and educational center, family holidays, training, interesting events and other ideas of modern A person who wants to live and develop on the big Earth.

The public territory of the Settlement will include:

- hotel complex with 50 beds;

- bath and phyto SPA;

- Cafe and own organic cuisine;

- retreat center;

- a closed area for events;

- Shop own eco-products from our farmland; - children's development center; - contact zoo; - blue sky, wild forest, clear water and fresh air ... We are ready to show the modern city dweller how to live and develop on Earth, making it eco-friendly and beautiful, reviving wildlife, growing our own food, raising free children, and being in it


ECO LODGE, Settlement (ЭКО ЛОДЖ, Поселение )

ECO LODGE, Settlement (ЭКО ЛОДЖ, Поселение )

ECO LODZH - a new eco-settlement in the near suburbs, harmoniously built in the community of successful people close to eco-technology, vegetarianism and spiritual development.

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