Moscow, st. 2nd Chernogryazskaya, 6/1


Our philosophy is imbued with the idea to reveal the true nature of a woman and fill her with energy through spiritual and physical practices.

An integral part of our space is the shop area, where women can get inspired and find special items for life and daily women's rituals. Also in our space there is a relaxation area and a bar where women can have a snack and take with them drinks, snacks, chocolates, light and healthy snacks.

Men are invited to individual formats and some group classes in our space.

Pheromone is also represented in the online space, this makes it possible to cooperate with us from anywhere in the world, we offer both a subscription to online practices and online services and an online boutique.


5% - online practices, promo code pheroveggie
5% - online subscriptions, promo code pheroveggie


Pheromone is a house of love and care for women, where everyone can reveal their nature and interact with feminine energy. Here you will find a real awakening - the opportunity to free yourself from unnecessary thoughts and be alone with feelings, to listen to yourself. See, accept and enjoy your uniqueness.

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