Clinic "White Lotus" (Клиника «Белый Лотос»)

Moscow, Zemlyanoy Val Street, 64


In the Tibetan medicine clinic "White Lotus", a specially invited doctor of Tibetan medicine of the highest qualification and having special recommendations is consulted by a specially invited doctor to Russia. The doctor diagnoses all organs and systems of vital activity by the patient’s pulse, identifies diseases and disorders in the body at any stage, selects individual Tibetan herbal remedies, and gives recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle, correction and rejuvenation of metabolic processes.

Tibetan medicine provides a holistic approach to the human body, its healing and rejuvenation, considering the healthy body as the result of harmonious balance of subtle energies, and illness as a result of the violation of this balance. The main concept of Tibetan medicine is the increase and harmonization of vital energy, which circulates through the meridians of the body, turns into health, vitality, balanced emotions, rejuvenation of the body and spirit, creative and spiritual abilities.

Based on the diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe you a unique Tibetan herbal remedies. Their recipe verified over millennia with perfectly matched proportions of components includes from 10 to 35 herbs, raw materials of mineral and animal origin.

The properties of the components used in Tibetan medicine are represented by 18 qualities and 6 tastes. Tibetan herbal remedies begin to act in the mouth, affecting the organ of taste, thus, their effect is manifested before they are fully absorbed.

In our clinic, you will be offered about twenty types of massage, including Ku Nye massage. Massage therapists who own Tibetan, Thai and Chinese massage techniques can correct the work of the pituitary, pineal gland, right and left hemispheres of the brain and all hormonal organs. Properly selected massage will help eliminate neuroses, depression, the effects of traumatic brain injuries and even some mental disorders.

Tibetan massage will improve the efficiency of the internal organs, eliminate the problems of the spine, joints and ligaments, improve metabolism and strengthen the blood vessels.

Ku Nye's unique Tibetan massage on medicated oils includes Tibetan system diagnostics, acupressure and muscle massage, elements of manual therapy, work with joints and the spine, aromatherapy, cleansing with smoke


Clinic "White Lotus" (Клиника «Белый Лотос»)

Clinic "White Lotus" (Клиника «Белый Лотос»)

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