Yoga Club Snow Lotus (Йога-клуб Снежный Лотос)

Novosibirsk, Red Avenue, 82


The name of the yoga club "Snow Lotus" comes from the name of an unusually rare flower that occurs only at an altitude of 3-4 km above sea level. It is quite difficult to see the manifestation of real beauty in its natural embodiment, it is also not easy to find harmony.

Corresponding to its own name, our yoga club gives people physical health and beauty, as well as inner peace and serenity.

Occupation in the club are held in two specially equipped rooms: a large, designed for 60 people, and a small, designed for 15 people. At the disposal of our customers: mini-sauna, cozy tea area, men's and women's changing rooms. Classes are taught by experienced, certified instructors who have dedicated their lives to yoga.

The club presents such areas of yoga as Hatha Yoga and Iyengar Yoga. Various specialized classes also take place: "healthy back"; "yoga for children"; "yoga for future mothers"; "female classes", etc. In addition to group lessons, instructors conduct individual practices.

The "Snow Lotus" is not limited to physical aspects, the club regularly hosts lectures on various topics, conversations, seminars, trainings, etc. Anyone who comes to our club can become part of a friendly team of like-minded people and find exactly what they need:

A person suffering from back pain, getting rid of discomfort.

A businessman, tired of daily activities, relaxation.

Mother of small children - peace and tranquility.

A young girl is a way to maintain good physical condition with health benefits.

We invite everyone to start the practice.


7% - For a subscription to yoga classes in a group
Yoga Club Snow Lotus (Йога-клуб Снежный Лотос)

Yoga Club Snow Lotus (Йога-клуб Снежный Лотос)

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