Yoga Studio Attraction (Студия йоги "Притяжение")

Moscow, Verkhoyanskaya, 6/1


We hold for you:

Hatha yoga

Three yoga

Yoga on the canvases,

Alpha Gravity,

Functional force training,

Exercises Healthy back,

Yoga for pregnant women



Sometimes training alone for healing the body and spine is not enough. Then the manual therapist and massage therapist will become indispensable helpers on the path to health.

Studio "Attraction" can offer you excellent professionals with years of experience.

A calm mind and a healthy mind are no less important for a happy life than a well-groomed, strong body. Therefore, a modern city dweller, whose life is connected with huge emotional overloads and constant stress, often cannot do without the help of a professional psychologist. Such a specialist is also in our studio.

Forms of work with a psychologist:

Individual counseling,

Classes to help cope with stress.

Transformational games,

Classes for the health and development of children are also provided!

Currently classes are held on: Children's yoga, Children's zumbe, Game English.

For your convenience, we try to schedule so that mom and child can come together and attend adult / child classes at the same time!

For travel lovers, the head of our studio Zanna Usova several times a year conducts retreats on yoga and free diving. Two weeks of daily intensive classes in the scenic places of India, Thailand, Nepal, Egypt is the best way to take a break from city life, improve your health and make a breakthrough in practice.

In addition, we are happy to share our accumulated experience and reg


5% - for regular classes
5% - for seminars
5% - for subscriptions
Yoga Studio Attraction (Студия йоги "Притяжение")

Yoga Studio Attraction (Студия йоги "Притяжение")

"Attraction" is not just a yoga studio. We have gathered in one space a multitude of practices that allow a person to become healthier and stronger both in body and mind. <br />

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