studio floating and Massage "Grandfloat Paveletskaya" (студия флоатинга и Массажа "Павелецкая")

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Feel weightlessness within yourself


Express recuperation

Production of happiness hormones

Good for figure and health

The feeling of a weekly vacation at sea

Suitable for both men and women WHAT IS FLOATING?

Floating - relaxation and "renewal" in weightlessness

Floating is the most effective and fast method of deepest relaxation and recovery in 60 minutes, unattainable in other ways. Allows you to quickly relieve stress and anxiety, the effect persists for several days and increases with regular use. WHAT DO FLOATING BENEFITS DO?

Epsom salt is used in medicine and cosmetology as a therapeutic agent.

Relieves fatigue and stress

The fastest way to quickly get rid of fatigue and stress Increases performance Restores cells of the nervous system, relieves nervous tension, brain activity increases by 90% Good for figure and health It will make your skin and hair silky, reduce swelling and inflammation, improve well-being. Relax muscles Clamps, pain, acidification and muscles relax Improves brain function New ideas and solutions of problems that seemed intractable will come to you Cosmetic effect Exfoliate dead skin cells and eliminate toxins.


studio floating and Massage "Grandfloat Paveletskaya" (студия флоатинга и Массажа "Павелецкая")

studio floating and Massage "Grandfloat Paveletskaya" (студия флоатинга и Массажа "Павелецкая")

The center was created to proclaim a new concept of beauty - harmony of soul and body, emotional and physical balance, beauty of external and internal. <br />
Our uniqueness lies in the use of the most effective of all types of relax-services - floating. You will experience unprecedented relaxation, oblivion, a state of peace and tranquility. And our cosmetic services will make you more attractive, younger, brighter, emphasize your natural beauty. <br />
We hope that the atmosphere of peace and comfort, which we have carefully created in our Center, will warm you and help you keep away from all anxieties and worries. <br />
<br />
See you in the center “GrandFloat - Paveletskaya”

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