J.J.Spase (J.J.Space)

Moscow, Gruzinsky shaft, 26/3


My studio is a fitness space for comfortable development of the qualities and capabilities of your body.

A unique technique based on the construction of the training process using an elastic tape, which allows:

-increase flexibility;

-develop coordination abilities;

- to strengthen a muscular corset;

- to form the correct posture.

Trainings are conducted in the following areas:

- Stretching "Elastic" 1 hour;

- Functional strength training "BodyTale" 1 hour;

- Strength training + stretching for 1.5 hours.

Trainings are conducted in groups of up to six people. It is possible to record for individual training in any direction.

I, as the founder and head coach of the studio, know many trainers who are of the opinion that it is impossible to make a beautiful body without eating meat and animal food, so my task is to prove and show people that vegetarianism does not interfere with body building, building muscles and maintaining health.

The studio’s services also include the development of individual meal plans for individuals.


10% - subscription for 8 group lessons
10% - subscription for 12 group lessons
10% - meal plan
J.J.Spase (J.J.Space)

J.J.Spase (J.J.Space)

Studio stretching and fitness space J.J.Space coach Lobanova Eugenia

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