Female space Anima (Женское пространство Anima)

St. Petersburg, Voskresenskaya Embankment, 22


Welcome to the female space ANIMA, where we have created a unique, exclusively female world!

In the modern world, for full-fledged growth, it is necessary to develop basic, but absolutely necessary aspects of being - physical, mental and spiritual, that is.

It is important to work on your body, mind and soul.

In ANIMA, in our women's space, you will learn how to do it harmoniously, creatively, following your feminine nature.

It is an integrated approach to self-development - this is what was so lacking! Now it is possible!

We have opened a cozy island in the center of St. Petersburg, where you can come at any time and immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere created especially for you!

Useful knowledge and effective women's practices are gathered under one roof of our space. They are transmitted by masters in the chamber atmosphere of small groups - no more than 12 people. This allows you to carefully and individually work with each guest.

Here you can do body practices, for example, female yoga "shakti" or "mandala dance", listen to a lecture on a topic that interests you, take part in a creative master class or part with restrictions and open up a new lesson in neurography. In our space, you can disconnect from worries and troubles, take a break from work, duties, and dedicate a few hours a day to your beloved one, learning new facets of your individuality.

Our team employs experts in their field who possess unique skills and offer a modern approach to self-development. Our classes really work and help you feel good every day. Conscious work with the body, spiritual practices, practical or theoretical knowledge in the lecture hall - you always have a choice and freedom and


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Female space Anima (Женское пространство Anima)

Female space Anima (Женское пространство Anima)

Aerooyoga, shakti yoga, meditation and self-development in the center of St. Petersburg!

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