Veggie School "Veggie School" (Вегетарианская школа "Veggie School")

Moscow, Gamsonovsky lane, 2/10



Veggie School "Veggie School" (project of the Moscow House of Restaurateur) has been on the market for 7 years.

Why choose us?

- Training conducted by acting chefs

- We cook only from fresh and high-quality products.

- Training is suitable for both novice cooks and experienced chefs

- All classes are practical, accompanied by theory

- Classes are held in specially equipped training kitchens with individual jobs for each student

- During the course, students taste the dishes - Upon completion of the course / master class / workshop, participants receive a certificate of successful training - Pupils are provided with an individual methodical material.


5% - Courses
5% - master classes
5% - seminars
Veggie School "Veggie School" (Вегетарианская школа "Veggie School")

Veggie School "Veggie School" (Вегетарианская школа "Veggie School")

We offer training in the following programs: <br />
Course "Vegetarian cuisine: 1 step" <br />
Course "Vegetarian cuisine: 2 step" <br />
Course "Green Kitchen - RAW food" <br />
Course "Vedic cooking, or home cooking Ayurveda" <br />
Seminar "World of Spices" <br />
Master Class "Unleavened Bread" <br />
Master Class "Vegetarian Cuisine" <br />
Master Class "Green Kitchen - RAW food" <br />
<br />

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