Breathing practices (Дыхательные практики)

Moscow, Old Arbat, 12/1



The Roman Karlovsky Center of Breathing Practices has been working for 10 years. During this time, 10,200 people improved their health and condition through breathing.

Roman Karlovsky - the founder of the center and the author of the course on work with the intention of "Three Elements". Also certified yoga instructor RYS 200;

The center is located in the center of Moscow, on the Old Arbat.

Come to practice on Wednesday (19:00) or Saturday (16:00).

The work goes in three directions:

1. The physical body - remove body blocks, muscle tension. Get energy and strength;

2. The energy body - relieve stress, resentment, frustration. Stop running your thoughts. Improve your emotional state; 3 Mental body - you will come to the resource state, and


20% - Energy Breathing
20% - Three Elements
20% - Trance Breathing
Breathing practices (Дыхательные практики)

Breathing practices (Дыхательные практики)

A quick and effective method that helped 3800 participants remove mental barriers to achieving life goals, gain energy on the path to health, prosperity, building a strong family and significantly improve the quality of life.

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