Country center practices "Ship SVami" (Загородный центр практик "Корабль СВами")

Barybino, Stupinsky district, railway station Velyaminovo, near the village Maryinskoe SNT & quot; Propane & quot;


"Swami Ship" is an incredibly beautiful manor located in the ecological region of the Moscow region. Near the forest, clean air, a pond for swimming, silence and home comfort.

And everything that is made by human hands in this natural corner is made with great love.

The manor includes 2 houses with large halls for events, kitchens, canteens, a bathhouse and other leisure rooms.

And also, a detached real ship, equipped with living rooms and a children's playground.

Possibility of accommodation in the estate: up to 70 people.

Main house:

Large, bright, warm 3-storey house in a modern style, with a room of 70 sq.m.

With the possibility of accommodating 25 people. With access to the guest house and the internal territory.

Guest House:

Incredibly beautiful and cozy 2-storey house with many rooms, with a large room for classes - 120 sq.m. With the ability to accommodate 40 people. With access to the main house, internal and external territory.

Courtyard and courtyard:

In the courtyard are located: greenhouse, garden with trees, shrubs, lawns, paths and an artificial mini-pond. And also, gazebos, wooden benches, a secluded corner and a place to practice and relax.

One of the main attractions of the manor is the Real Ship with a deck, on which you can also hold events, masts, 2 cabins, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a children's play area. Children and families love him very much. For them, it's like getting into a real fairy tale!

A winding river "Rechitsa" with graceful wooden bridges and a large open space for events, with the possibility of installing a large tent, flows through the external territory.

And absolutely unmatched forest, on the edge of which the benches are waiting for you too.

Own well with the purest water! (we drink and use only her for food).

Summer kitchen for 70 people, equipped with wood stoves and everything necessary for any format of the event.

Possibilities of the Manor "SVAMI Ship" include accommodation, food, transfer, staff (musicians, cooks, massage therapists, photographers, organizers, etc.)

e.), support and any necessary assistance for the quality and comfort of your event.

The task of the Manor is to ensure the most comfortable conduct of your events, satisfying the needs of all guests.

Terms of cooperation occur individually for each request, depending on what space you need, how many participants there will be, how many days and what services are needed.

A special feature of our residence is that we hold only non-alcoholic and vegetarian activities.

Thus, we preserve the purity, comfort and warmth of our House.


10% - For NEO Vipassana courses
Country center practices "Ship SVami" (Загородный центр практик "Корабль СВами")

Country center practices "Ship SVami" (Загородный центр практик "Корабль СВами")

Country estate "Ship SVami", perhaps the best place for your events. Located in the municipality, Stupinsky district, 45 km from the Moscow Ring Road on Kashirskoye highway. <br />
<br />
Here you will find the most suitable conditions for a wide variety of events: parties, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, trainings, seminars, master classes, festivals, photo shoots, family holidays and other big and small events, as well as just peaceful holidays.

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