Soul mate (ДушаДевичник)

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  • 20% - Ticket for a monthly event (meeting)
    20% - Ticket for a monthly event (meeting)
    20% - Ticket for a monthly event (meeting)


SoulDevichnik is a project where people learn to forgive, trust and love again!

On our hen parties the best masters and speakers talk about the main trends in the world of beauty and cosmetics, psychology and creativity, reveal secrets that they will not write about in glossy magazines. How to achieve success and be not only beautiful in appearance but also internally. Be happy, confident and loved. These are the main issues that we are trying to solve together with the participants of the event.

We spent the very first Bachelorette party on December 6, 2014. Seeing how the girls positively perceived our initiative, they realized that we were on the right track.

Our goal is to create a unique space for girls,

which it is comfortable for them to be, to communicate, to meet a friend

with a friend and come back again.

Our programs are always interesting and saturated, we invite to act as speakers of truly wonderful people: spiritual teachers, mentors, athletes, psychologists, people successful in business and in relationships.

We, the organizers, choose the speakers personally and very carefully, because they are the ones who help to open, study and form the inner world. SoulDevich also engaged in charity. This is our conscious choice and part of the philosophy of the project.

We believe that the good


20% - Ticket for a monthly event (meeting)
20% - Ticket for a monthly event (meeting)
20% - Ticket for a monthly event (meeting)
Soul mate (ДушаДевичник)

Soul mate (ДушаДевичник)

SoulDevichnik is a project aimed at combining outer and inner beauty. We bring together girls who are close to this philosophy and organize regular meetings called SoulDevich. <br />
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