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The Center was created to awaken the Soul and the ever-dormant inner abilities of the Spirit of man.

Methods of disclosing the spiritual nature of man are different at different stages of his development:

Basic level-Yoga in the air:

Removes energy blocks, unloading the spine in inverted asanas, relieves stress in the body, relieves stress, rejuvenation of the whole body as a whole, gives the body flexibility and skin elasticity.

Hatha Yoga (on earth):

Removes energy blocks, gives strength, flexibility and endurance, cell renewal at all levels of the body, fills with vitality.

Abhyang Ayurvedic Massage:

It is made with various oils on special points on the body.

Removes clamps and blocks in the body.

Rejuvenates the entire body.

Acts on all body systems positively.

It launches energy exchange in the energy body, due to which diseases without medication recede.

Vegetarian workshops: Vegetarianism allows you to get more energy for the possibilities of the Spirit from vegetables than from meat food.

Middle stage: Lectures on the laws of motion of the Spirit and the rules of the universe.

Transformation of Consciousness through the knowledge of the Universal laws of the movement of the Spirit in infinity and the purpose of human life in particular.

Progressive level: Spiritual practice Mantra meditation.

Advanced level


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AirYoga Center in Nizhny Novgorod

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