Extreme time (Экстрим тайм)

Novosibirsk, Kamenskaya, 54


Organization of hiking, climbing, yoga tours in the mountains.

Extreme Time Travelers Club - a community of travelers who are not indifferent to the mountains and the feeling of freedom far from civilization. We are on the way, if you want to see the world at a glance from the top and try your hand at hiking or climbing.

The Sayans, Ergaki, Kuznetsk Alatau, Gorny Altai, Caucasus, Crimea, Tien Shan, Pamir, India, Nepal, Himalayas - together with Extreme time adventures begin, the impressions of which last a lifetime.

We have traveled thousands of kilometers and hundreds


3% - hiking, climbing, yoga tour
Extreme time (Экстрим тайм)

Extreme time (Экстрим тайм)

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