Take it - Order a taxi! (Take it - Заказ такси!)

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The company provides taxi services for private and corporate clients.

Everything we do should be environmentally friendly, as well as the most convenient and comfortable for people.

That is why all the cars of the company operating in the “Standard” class are equipped with either subcompact engines.

Subcompact 1.

0 and 1.

2 consume less fuel, and also carry significantly less emissions into the atmosphere.

The company has 10 vehicles powered by natural gas.

Natural gas is a more environmentally friendly fuel than gasoline or diesel.

Who will be interested in our services:

- Students and active youth.

Because of the favorable rate, only from 100 rubles and fast giving of the car

- Travelers. Due to low fares for trips to the station and to airports. No baggage allowance - For going on a business trip. There is a great fare - there and back, allowing you to drive at a bargain price. It is possible to order a taxi in more than 100 rumble around the world. - For those who do not want to overpay. Our rates are transparent


Take it - Order a taxi! (Take it - Заказ такси!)

Take it - Order a taxi! (Take it - Заказ такси!)

Order a taxi of international level at the most reasonable prices. <br /> <br /> Tell our operator that you are the owner of the VEGETERIAN card and dictate the card number and we will be happy to give you a 10% discount on any trip. <br />

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