Altay backcountry (Altay Backcountry)

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We are fans of our work and will be glad to see in our ranks the guys who adhere to our philosophy of life, with burning eyes and an open heart! Welcome !!!

Altay Backcountry team organizes tours to the South Chuy Range, Karakol Lakes, Lake Teletskoye and, of course, Aktru Valley, varying in complexity, all individually, so that both a novice and an experienced pro-rider will be satisfied!

Climbing new slopes and peaks, off-piste skiing in picturesque places, with the possibility of being a pioneer, blowing up puff and riding an untouched virgin soil, alone with nature.

Our experienced and qualified guides pay much attention to safety, equipment selection and riding techniques!

We also open an information center with which you can find out more about tours, book accommodation or transport (Aktru, Kurai, Chemal, Lake Teletskoye, Kosh-Agach) and ask all your questions about active holidays in Altai Mountains.

Join now! Winter Is Coming!

All good skating rinks, peppy tracks and bright sun above your head! Peace


5% - for author's and individual programs
7% - for booking guest houses and hotels
10% - for a photo session in the mountains
Altay backcountry (Altay Backcountry)

Altay backcountry (Altay Backcountry)

By purchasing a tour from US, you take off a bunch of puzzles and fears. <br>
We have a unique opportunity to quickly reserve seats at our bases even during the high season in Aktru Valley, Teletskoye Ozero, and Geyser Lake (usually they are scheduled half a year in advance). <br>
Order a comfortable and reliable transfer (there is even a helicopter) in any direction, use the services of an experienced guide and open the backcountry season, go through climbing routes of varying difficulty in different places of Altai! <br>
And yet, we know about real weather (especially relevant for hiking on glaciers) and we always arrange insurance ☝

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