Eco-shop "Your Way" (Эко-магазин «Свой Путь»)

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We know that you watch what you eat, lead a healthy lifestyle, or aspire to it, or maybe you are already a vegetarian, vegan or raw food eater. One way or another, you can easily choose products in our eco-shop and diversify the diet, and at the same time you will be sure that the products do not contain animal components, chemistry, GMOs, preservatives and everything that harms human health and nature.

All products presented in the “Healthy Way” eco-food store undergo tests on our entire team. Before putting the product on the shelf, it is thoroughly tested: first, we thoroughly examine the composition, then we attempt the manufacturer with tricky questions about the mode of production. We test it at the store administration :) We are for a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition!


5% - for everything
Eco-shop "Your Way" (Эко-магазин «Свой Путь»)

Eco-shop "Your Way" (Эко-магазин «Свой Путь»)

Eco-friendly products for vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists. Natural cosmetic. Eco-friendly means for washing and cleaning.

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