Handmade toys "Yarash" (Игрушки ручной работы "Яраша")



All our dolls and toys are created by people for people. Go

Since we work exclusively with our own hands, we do not use mass factory production and sew only to order, the creation of each of our pupae takes up to two weeks. With the exception of exclusives, in some moments the creation of such dolls and toys can take a couple of months.

We can deliver our work to anywhere in the world.

In Russia, we usually use the services of delivery service RUSSIAN POST or EMS post. Their prices can be found on their website. If you are not satisfied with this company, we can send your order through any other delivery service.

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Handmade toys "Yarash" (Игрушки ручной работы "Яраша")

Handmade toys "Yarash" (Игрушки ручной работы "Яраша")


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