by-cosmetics Ekaterinburg (by-cosmetics Екатеринбург)

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By-cosmetics (Bee Wai Cosmetics) is a unique brand of natural cosmetics developed by a professional team of biochemists, microbiologists and technologists. All products are made from 100% natural and environmentally friendly herbal ingredients of the highest quality. It is the complete naturalness of the compositions that distinguishes all cosmetic brands on the world market.

Safety and efficiency - this is what puts the company by-cosmetics in the first place in the creation and production of truly natural products.

The company's motto is “Fresh food for your skin!

". In the production of all cosmetics, only the best and, accordingly, the highest quality natural ingredients are used, and these are more than 100 items from the heart of nature itself for your youth and health.

Our bestseller and business card of the company by-cosmetics, of course - it is a mask for the face and body of living deep sea algae. In fact, by-cosmetics is the only company that uses this miraculous ingredient in a living form, without subjecting it to heat or chemical treatment. Seaweed is a storehouse of trace elements that we will not find in such quantities on the surface of the earth. The colossal amount of vitamin C, niacin, choline, potassium, calcium and iron that make up algae are so effective and high-quality based on results that in 99% meet the expectations of beautiful women. Universal face and body masks are ready to feed any type of skin with energy and vital elements.

We offer several product lines:

1. Facial skin care:

- masks (cold storage required),

- hydrates by type of skin, as well as hydrate for men,

- oil for night care 20 + / 30 + / 40 + / 50 +,

- serum (cold storage required),

- tonic (cold storage required), - cleansing foam for washing, - scrubs, - lip balm. 2 Body care: - anti-cellulite body mask (requires storage in the refrigerator), - scrubs, - body batters (solid oils), - Coconut oil. 3 Natural essential oils: geranium, ginger, lemon, lemongrass, tea tree, ylang ylang, patchouli. four. Hair care: this product line will appear in the Russian Federation in 2017.

All deliveries to the territory of the Russian Federation from Indonesia are carried out by direct air delivery and take no more than 24 hours, which guarantees you the freshness of the product and timely delivery.

The geography of deliveries is constantly expanding: at the moment, the company's representatives are in 13 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, England, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Indonesia.

Due to the fact that the produced cosmetics are 100% natural, some products are transported and stored in a cooled state at a temperature from 3˚ to 7˚C. All cosmetics are sold only through the online store on our website. www.ekb.by-cosmetics.

com, where we guarantee the origin of the product.

Product reviews can be found on Instagram: # by_cosmetics_reviews Website / online store: www.ekb.by-cosmetics.

com E-mail: ekb @ by-cosmetics.

com Telephone (city Ekaterinburg): +79090097007 (whats app / viber / sms) Instagram: bycosmetics_ekb Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/by.cosmetics.

ekb / Vkontakte: http


by-cosmetics Ekaterinburg (by-cosmetics Екатеринбург)

by-cosmetics Ekaterinburg (by-cosmetics Екатеринбург)

100% natural cosmetics from Bali in Yekaterinburg!

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