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Through the efforts of the authorities and the media, people form a negative image of cannabis and everything connected with it.

The news headlines are full of messages: "The police destroyed the field of marijuana," "A resident of such a district raised 28 cannabis bushes ..." development of technologies for the processing of hemp fiber for textiles, construction and even the defense industry.

✔ We are trying to change this stereotype.

Why? Because of such a plant as hemp, you can make more than 6,000 product items.

After all, there is a technical hemp - this is not what they smoke. This is the strongest and most environmentally friendly textiles, unique in its properties oil, ropes that do not rot in seawater, bioplastic, fuel and much, much more ... This is a unique plant, for which the future!

Of course, we do not sell all 6000 items, but we are striving for this :)

At the moment, our store has bags and backpacks made from hemp, hats, belts, wallets, which we sew on a small manufactory in the Himalayas. We have cool hemp socks. And for needlewomen we can offer hemp yarn and fabric. We sell hemp oil, flour and seeds for food. Very soon we will have hemp cushions, blankets and mattresses. We are constantly developing and are open to cooperation. We have big plans! ;) -------------------------------------------------- ------- We do not promote drugs, all our things are made from industrial varieties of hemp, with a minimum of THC, grown




Stylish things and food from technical hemp

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