Peroni honey (Peroni Honey)

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Russian family-owned company Peroni is a producer of natural, tasty and incredibly beautiful products. The main product of the company is honey soufflé. Delicate texture, light and unusual taste amaze and surprise with the first spoon. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and even raw foodists. Help immunity and lift your spirits!

6 facts about Peroni honey soufflé:

1) A great option for breakfast - with porridge, smoothies, cocktails, pancakes, toast. But best of all it is just a spoon :)

2) The perfect gift with health care! 3) I like not only adults, but also children.

4) Light creamy consistency - does not flow, does not smear, does not sugar. 5) He won 10 awards "Product of the Year", the Award "Healthy Food", has a "Certificate of Biology"


Peroni honey (Peroni Honey)

Peroni honey (Peroni Honey)

Honey soufflé Peroni Honey is a novelty in the world of natural sweets. 100% natural product - only honey, berries, fruits and nuts, mixed by a special technology. More than 20 flavors in a variety of packaging.

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